14 8 / 2014

Twitter API Integration with PHP

Twitter API v1.1 Integration Twitter API is one of the best API Services that I have used and it is as simple as it should be with the open source libraries that are available on the internet for any language, you name it.

This post will guide you to a simple twitter API Integration to your website in PHP.

As the language that we’re going to use is PHP, we’ll choose Abraham’s TwitterOAuth Library.

For many reasons, I choose…

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14 7 / 2014

How to Set Up a Cron Job with Twitter API


Twitter is one of the places where the news is leaked as and once it happens.

You don’t have to look into any big news sites and search for the news whereas you can look on your stream with a niche pile of followers  or the simple way is to click at the Discover button at the top of your twitter to make sure you get the news heading.

Obviously you can’t be online all the time in any social…

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18 6 / 2014

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A collection of ideas for authentication & access control

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28 2 / 2014

How I Got My Google Adsense Approved

Google adsense

Getting approved with Google Adsense is something that every blogger want it but doesn’t happen all the time. When I said every blogger I meant someone who starts a blog with the intention to earn a little bit of money from it. Like I said, not every blogger gets the chance to get paid through Adsense. You have to fight for it. :D

Actually, I know nothing about blogging, adsense and ever since I…

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11 2 / 2014

Twitter Users are getting spammed so easily these days. Twitter is still a secure network where marketing of products and brands are still going on the other hand. What made you feel that twitter is insecure for you to run your social profile?

I am a regular user of twitter and I tweet 4-5 tweets daily even when I am not online just with the help of the auto tweeting tools which are scheduled to tweet at times. Its not a sin to use auto tweeting tools or in other words, twitter management tools. Twitter only considers those profiles that tweets spam urls or that tweets twice or three times continously.

If to be said, I am used to asked to rest my twitter password once in two weeks these days saying my twitter is compromised. I realized that its because I have been authorizing new and unknown applications that might have spammed my twitter.

Twitter guys are working on this condition since the increase in usage of twitter by marketers and brands and medias. They always send you an instant mail to change or reset password once they find anything spammy going on with your profile.

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11 2 / 2014

The Immortals of Meluha

The Immortals of Meluha

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24 1 / 2014

6 Reasons To Choose Godaddy HostingHosting on your own space with your own favorite CMS in my case WordPress, sounds really awesome…View Post

6 Reasons To Choose Godaddy Hosting

Hosting on your own space with your own favorite CMS in my case WordPress, sounds really awesome…

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29 10 / 2013

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With a staggering 26% of the eCommerce market Magento is seeing more and more online stores adopt their powerful software. With over 1,900 themes and thousands of modules available to download – allowing for unparalleled customizability.

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17 7 / 2013


We have just released a very important security update for our iPhone and iPad apps addressing an issue that allowed passwords to be compromised in certain circumstances¹. Please download the update now.

If you’ve been using these apps, you should also update your password on Tumblr and…

09 1 / 2013


love of my life on @weheartit.com - http://whrt.it/SslMYQ


love of my life on @weheartit.com - http://whrt.it/SslMYQ

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